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Friday, April 16, 2010

Elise: Two Months!

Dear Elise,

Seasoned mothers warned me that the time would fly-- and, boy, were they right! Tonight I opened up your dresser drawer and hesitantly removed the stack of your newborn clothes. Already, you have moved on to the 0-3 month size! I'm thrilled that you are growing and thriving, but my heart sinks a bit when I realize how quickly it's happening. That's the story of motherhood, I suppose... 

You still have a healthy appetite! And, I usually can predict when you'll become hungry... Your favorite time to eat?: It involves me sitting down with a plate of hot food. That moment when I longingly move my fork towards a first bite-- yeah, that's usually when you start whimpering!


Your circadian rhythms seem to be well-established now! I'm a lucky mom! You still wake up once or twice a night to eat, but these feedings only seem to be little snacks. After a few minutes-- or sometimes even a few seconds-- you are sound asleep once more.

There have been a few nights when you've seemed inexplicably cranky. Daddy has figured out an effective (and hilarious) way to soothe you: He sings the Gilligan's Island theme song and moves you along with the tune. I don't know how he came up with this. But it works. And it's funny. (My favorite part is the little dip he does during "...the tiny ship was tossed...") 

Growth and Milestones
I returned to work about two weeks ago. It has been difficult, but June 2nd (my last day of teaching!) is just around the corner. In the mean time, Dad has been a wonderful caretaker! Today, he took you to your two-month checkup. The doctor was pleased with your weight gain-- you're just over 10 lbs now!

You seem to be getting bigger every day! Dad and I noticed that your cheeks seem much fuller, and you now have the slightest and cutest double chin (don't worry, it's cute on babies...really, it's a compliment!). Your arms and thighs are beginning to develop squishy-delicious little rolls! But perhaps your most noticeable physical change has been your eye color. For the first few weeks of your life, your eye color was unclear-- a dark, grayish color. Now, your eyes most certainly are a deep shade of blue! This is quite a surprise considering that, when I was pregnant, I pictured you as a little Asian baby. Who knew that you'd have blue eyes, blond eyebrows (!), and dark strawberry blond hair?!

Another recent milestone has been your increased alertness. You're awake A LOT throughout the day! I especially love it when you're in a smiley mood, squeaking and grinning. What treasured moments! 

-everything from last month
-hanging out in your swing, Baby Bjorn bouncer, or on your sheepskin rug when you're in a happy mood (you can last 20 minutes or so)

-making eye contact when you're especially awake

-everything from last month

I love you, buhbee!


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  1. She is precious!! My best friend just had her first baby on Saturday and named her Elise! Beautiful!